Atomic Trap
(A novel coming soon)


Antimatter – the future of clean energy. One microgram of this substance can power a rocket to Mars; one milligram of it can produce a bomb that is ten times more powerful than a hydrogen bomb, with no radioactive aftermath. One gram of antimatter costs more than $100 billion; this is why the terrorists will stop at nothing to steal the antimatter – even if it means betraying their loved ones.

Dr. Bryant and his closest confidant Dr. Barry are the key scientists of a military lab that produces antimatter. Berry is killed and Bryant is framed for murder and treason. The terrorists have to kill Bryant and get the antimatter. Their plan does not go perfectly because of Bryant’s newest invention, but they have informants everywhere to hunt him.

Suspected, hunted, and betrayed by all those around him, Bryant does not dare trust anyone until he meets Leslie Evans, an FBI agent. She is his only hope…

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